This time of year many of us try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the focus seems to be most often on the nutrition and physical components of that lifestyle. Let’s be honest.  It’s hard!   There is food and festivities galore this time of year.  By no means, will you ever hear me say, “Don’t worry about it.  Eat what you want.”  It’s important to be intentional and mindful in your food choices even during the holiday season.


Health and wellness includes SO much more that just food and exercise.  One of the other important dimensions of personal wellness is spirituality.  This month we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.   He is the REASON for the season.  The holidays aren’t just about food.  It’s not about shopping and getting the best deals on the latest gadget or trend that will fizzle two months from now.  It’s about our Father’s gift, the celebration of the birth of a baby boy that was born in a lowly manager in Bethlehem.  The Son of God that lived here on Earth as man and later gave His life for us so that we may live eternally in Heaven with Him.  It’s remembering His selflessness, humbleness, grace, mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love.

The season is about spending time with family and friends.   Put the phones away and engage and love on those you love.  Do NOT take for granted what you have for you aren’t guaranteed next year or even the next day.  Many of you know this year has been extremely difficult for us after we unexpectedly lost both David’s dad (Pepaw) and his maternal grandmother (Nannaw) in August and September.   The loss is tremendous and our hearts absolutely ache.  Selfishly, I wish they were here for Christmas because it won’t be the same without them but the reality is they are actually celebrating this year with Jesus himself!


It’s been a very rough year for so many reasons.  Yet, I was never alone because God was with me.  In my darkest moments and not knowing how and what to pray, I always had a sense of peace that helped carry me through.  He shows up in the smallest, yet biggest ways.  It might be in a song at just the right moment or a friend texting/calling out of the blue to tell you they are thinking of you.  It’s the scripture that someone posts on social media that strikes a chord in your heart.  It’s an answered prayer that you’ve been praying for so long.  That’s God not coincidence.

For Christmas, my prayer is you focus on your spiritual and emotional health and spending quality time with your family and friends.  Enjoy and savor those precious memories.  And, yes, enjoy that one piece of fruit cake that you only get once a year!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!