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This is your opportunity to get a one-on-one program designed with your health history, lifestyle and specific goals in mind.  As your health coach, I will educate, motivate and hold you accountable.   We will work together to outline your goals and develop a plan that is achievable and sustainable.   If you are struggling with your own health journey, then you are in the right place.  You don’t have to do it alone and it’s more fun when we can do it together!

My initial six-week coaching program is full of inspiration and education on the power of real, whole foods and positive lifestyle choices to restore physical and mental health.  Each week includes a 60-minute face-to-face session (Zoom sessions available on request), practical tools, recipes and follow-up email recapping each session.  Plus, I’ll be available throughout your journey so you can text me anytime!  

I offer a free 30 minute consultation so we can determine if we are the right fit for each other.  You have nothing to lose so give me a call today!


** Group Programs / Workshops

– See the Upcoming Events tab for class dates.  If you have a group and would like to schedule one of these workshops, please contact me and I’ll be happy to work with you.

  • Nutrition Essentials is a fun, interactive and educational class designed for the busy family or individual who has limited time or is looking for a brief introduction to health and wellness.  This two-hour, fast-paced workshop touches on the e
    ssential information to give you a jump start to your health goals by teaching the basics of nutrition for prevention and optimal health. You will receive a workbook that contains nutrition information, eat a tasty snack and go home with some delicious simple recipes.


  • Meal Planning and Preparation – Meal planning is the simple act of taking some time to plan any number of your meals for the week.  The thought of having to plan meals may feel like just one more chore to add to your already long list of things to do.  However, taking time to plan for meals has proven to save time, money and reduce stress.  It is also a critical tool to optimum wellness and good nutrition.  Better yet, you can reuse plans throughout the year!  Once you have your plan (and groceries), you are ready to meal prep. Guess what? You DO NOT need to prep full meals.

    In this workshop, you will create a meal plan using a proven, effective template and a list of healthy foods so you get all the nutrition you need.  PLUS, you will get a list of strategies to meal prep to make your life easier when it comes to making meals throughout the week.  The best part is there’s no wrong way!  You create a plan and select a strategy that is best for you!    


  • Prime-Time Health is a scientifically proven plan for feeling young and living longer. This healthy-aging program explains how nutrition can help prevent disease, sharpen thinking, and boost energy simply by understanding the science of food and the body. This program consists of four, one-hour workshops and include handouts, healthy snacks and recipe
    • Make Your Own Medicine – Learn about the keys, and the science behind your body’s internal pharmacy. You can help your body produce these custom-made medicines and be in charge of your health.
    • Make Health Your Hobby – Understand how the body works and focus on making good choices for great health every day.
    • Move Waste From Your Waist – Waist size is a strong indicator of our overall health! Find out how to remove toxic waste and eliminate the health-harming chemicals that are produced by belly fat.
    • Putting Out the FIRE of Inflammation – Inflammation literally means the body’s immune system is on fire. Learn the primary causes, and ways to reduce inflammation throughout the body.



** Minimum / maximum of participant for workshops is dependent on facility space


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