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Paula Annas

I’m Paula and I have a passion for helping people discover the life-changing power of real food and positive life-style choices to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and prevent or reverse chronic conditions.

Have you attempted to lose weight but find the methods aren’t sustainable?  Do you have high blood sugar levels but don’t want to take medications?  Do you suffer from pain and inflammation and have been told your only options are ibuprofen or prednisone?

Many doctors aren’t trained or educated in foods and nutrition.  That’s where I can come in!  I can work alongside you to provide support and accountability using lifestyle and nutrition changes.

I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness that integrates how you live (lifestyle), how you move (exercise), how you think (attitude) and what you eat (nutrition). My coaching approach is client-centered, goal-oriented and elicit changes that are sustainable and create long-term habits.

Take that first step in a whole new direction. Decide to make a positive change for YOU! You don’t have to do it alone. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and accountability partner on your personal journey to whole health.

Healthy Family

Feeding your family well shouldn’t be a challenge. Join me to learn how easy it can be to avoid nutrition related diseases, improve learning and behavior, control weight, increase energy levels, prepare healthy snacks/food, and more!

Personalized Consultations

Need some extra assistance in achieving your health goals, knowing what to eat, when to eat it, or how to shop for quality foods? Working together, we will develop an individualized plan so you can begin your personal journey to whole health. We can arrange to meet in person, by phone or video chat.

Let's get together!

My fun, interactive and educational health and wellness presentations are memorable and packed full of practical, affordable tips and advice. Perfect for community events, churches, health fairs, business luncheons, schools, and more!

You were meant to THRIVE not just survive!

Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go

Are All Calories the Same?

    True or False:  All calories are created equal.  FALSE! You may argue from the laws of physics they are the same form of energy and you would be right.  However, our body does not process calories the same.  For example, pretend you had a 20-ounce soda...

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May is for Mom

As a Mom, I personally struggle with making time for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing things for my family.  However, it can get overwhelming!  Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, paying bills, taxi driver, cheerleader, educator, caregiver, and so much more. ...

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8 Sugar-Free Easter Basket Ideas

It’s Spring!  The temperatures are finally getting a bit warmer and the days are longer.  Flowers are beginning to bloom and kids are anxious for Spring Break.  It’s also a time of celebration as Easter approaches.  For our family, it’s a reminder of the resurrection...

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What people are saying…

I started with Paula as my health coach at a transitional time in my life. I had just recently become a widow after many years of marriage and after months of grieving I suddenly felt the need to search for ways to improve my lifestyle. Paula was an answer to prayer. She was so supportive as well as caring about my overall well-being. She is extremely knowledgeable in so many areas and always quick to answer my questions and address my concerns. I seriously love her and highly recommend her if you need support and guidance in the areas of health and/or nutrition.

Peggy G.

From our first meeting, Paula has compassionately guided me to make healthy choices for my well-being. She has encouraged me to look at this as a life choice rather than a diet. Each session seems uniquely designed for me as she is quick to adapt to my questions and needs. Plus, she is providing the accountability I need.

Glen W.