We have all felt it!  The shorts and jeans we fit into last year at this time fitting a bit snugger as a result of eating comfort food and take-out during this pandemic.  The “Quarantine-15” has plagued many people and the desire to lose that weight fast is what everyone is now craving.  Does this resonate with you?

The reality is losing weight fast isn’t the best (or healthiest) way to lose weight and keep it off long-term and it can have negative health effects such as:

  • Depriving your body or essential nutrients needed for energy
  • Your body using muscle for energy and leaving the fat behind
  • Starving your body can slow down your metabolism
  • Negative body self-image

As a Health Coach, my focus is on clean eating and exercise – they go hand-in-hand.  I often see people drastically cut calories, try a new “diet” program or eat a packaged food program to only find that the pounds come back after they stop.  I’m happy to share five weight loss hacks that have helped me and my clients lose and maintain a desired weight goal that leaves you energized and feeling your best.

1 – Reduce carb intake – Look specifically at your refined carb intake.  Common culprits are packaged snacks and sugary foods like muffins, cookies, flavored instant oatmeal and foods made with enriched white flour.

2 – Add strength training – Research shows that strength training helps reduce fat and can also help your body burn fat at rest. How wonderful is that?!  Speaking from personal experience, I added strength training to my routine during this pandemic and was amazed at the results in my body composition and self-esteem.  I highly recommend it!

3 – Increase cardio workouts – In addition to strength training, aerobic activities such as running, walking, Jazzercise, and biking are all fantastic ways to burn excess fat. Go for a walk during your lunch break and after dinner.  Take this time to mentally refocus on yourself or grab the family for time together outdoors.

4 – Eat healthy fats – Yes, you need to eat fat to lose fat! Gone are the days of “low fat” and “no-fat”.  These type of foods often have hidden sugars and fillers that don’t help you lose weight.  Add fats such as avocados, almonds, walnuts, salmon and full fat dairy which will leave you filling fuller longer while adding the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

5 – Drink plenty of waterYou should be drinking half your body weight in ounces. If you are only drinking 1-2 glasses a day, start with drinking a glass of water before your morning coffee or before a meal.  Gradually increase your consumption until you reach your target.  You’ll find that your appetite may decrease too!

These are just a few of my favorite tips to give my one-on-one clients who have all been successful when implementing simple changes and habits that can sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term.  If you are tired of struggling on your own, contact me for a personal consult on how my services may help serve you.