Over the last several weeks, I have seen a variety of emotions on television and social media as well as from my own family and friends as we have all dealt with the COVD pandemic.  Anger. Frustration. Anxiety.  Sadness.  Overwhelm.  Depression.  Loneliness.  Worry.  Fear.  I’ll admit I have felt this roller coaster ride of emotions myself.  You aren’t alone.

Honestly, I’ve lived on a roller coaster ride of emotions for quite some time now as well as my family.  This picture was taken of my youngest daughter, Victoria, and I last October when we visited the WCU campus in Cullowhee. Looking at this picture, you might think she’s a happy-go-lucky young woman ready to take on the world.

To me, I see my baby girl that struggles with lonely feelings and anxious thoughts.  She doesn’t like crowds.  There are days that she doesn’t want a hug or be physically touched so I have to love her with my eyes and words.  Let me just say, it breaks this mama’s heart when I can’t hold my baby girl!

Last summer, we got professional counseling for Victoria and she was taught some great techniques that she uses to this day.  That was a true blessing and the beginning step for her to learn how to cope and adjust to different feelings and triggers.  We also discussed medication but Victoria didn’t want a prescription.  You see, my oldest daughter struggled with depression when she was in high school and was on prescription medication.  When she tried to come off it a few years later, it was extremely difficult.  Victoria witnessed her sister’s struggles and didn’t want to go through that so we turned to a more natural approach.

Victoria has managed her feelings much better with the use of doTERRA essential oils and products.  She has been taking daily supplements and has been using Adaptiv essential oil and capsules.  Adaptiv is a calming blend to help manage stress and anxious feelings.  She will be the first to tell you she can tell when she doesn’t follow her regimen (and I can tell too).  For our family, it has been life changing and something we won’t go without.

Aromatherapy with essential oils is a very powerful way to manage emotions, moods and promote uplifting feelings.  Did you know that the sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to the brain?  When a scent enters the nose, it’s picked up by your olfactory sensors creating a response in the olfactory bulb in your brain.  Your olfactory system is connected to the limbic system and your limbic system is where your emotions and moods are stored!

I diffuse doTERRA essential oils in my house every day depending on how my family feels.  In the morning, we use Peppermint and Grapefruit or Wild Orange for an energizing and uplifting environment.  When I notice a sense of stress or anxiety, I diffuse Adaptiv or Balance.  At night, I diffuse Serenity to help us rest.

Victoria has her own diffuser in her room and she loves experimenting with different blends that match her mood.  She has also created roller ball bottles with her oils and takes them with her everywhere she goes so she has them at her fingertips to apply topically or inhale when she needs them to manage her anxiety and emotions.  I am grateful that she has embraced her own health and knows how to address them naturally.  It makes me a little less nervous knowing she knows what to do when she heads off for her junior year at WCU this fall.

May is Mental Health Month.    There are different levels of emotions and everyone processes them differently.  When your negative emotions are left unchecked, they can have serious effects on your overall health and impact your quality of life, and even alter how our body feels and functions.  I would be happy to share more with you how you can use doTERRA oils to help manage emotions and mood every day.  If needed, I also can provide a personal recommendation for a wonderful Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Holly Springs.

Be well and be safe!